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Speakeasy Weightlifting

Need some extra help with your Oly lifts?

Don’t miss this high energy, high technical class.

Speakeasy Weightlifting is a program geared towards helping athletes and weightlifters develop their abilities in the Olympic lifts. We offer two class options to cater to different levels of athlete. Our Thursday 7pm class is geared more towards the weightlifter that has already developed a strong grasp of the lifts and is looking to build on an already in place sound technical platform. We hope to achieve this with 6-10 week cycles varying their focus on everything from strength endurance work to competition prep building to peak weeks to test lifts. Thursday evening classes are considered to be for more experienced lifters as there is slightly less instruction due to the amount of volume that typically comprises a class.

For the newer lifters that may be looking to get comfortable with the Olympic lifts and learn in a positive, productive environment; Tuesday 9:30am and Sunday 9am classes typically incorporate a more technically focused program with emphasis on various aspects of the lifts. This focus on breaking down the Olympic lifts is intended to give athletes an easier time applying themselves to smaller ranges of motion that are generally easier to control and execute. Over time, we piece these segments together, progressively introducing more range of motion as the athlete has time to adapt.
Wherever you are in your weightlifting career, we try to offer something that anyone willing to put forth the effort can benefit from.