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Happy Members

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It.

CFSE is a place to better myself physically and mentally. It is a community of people who are welcoming and supportive regardless of your athletic ability. It is coaches who take the time to explain movements and know their athletes and modify all movements to make them successful. CFSE has not only helped me feel better and get stronger, it has created new friendships and introduced me to a community where I do not feel judged , but rather supported . For the first time in a while my mindset has shifted from an end goal of losing weight, to one of feeling better and getting stronger.

Danielle O.Member

After being a member at a few other gyms, I finally decided to try CrossFit Speakeasy. I remember walking in to try a class, feeling a bit intimidated (it was a Saturday partner WOD!). Right away the coaches made me feel so at ease. The community here was friendly and welcoming. I thought "there's such a positive, chill vibe in this place".

The Program is excellent. Classes are ran on time, extremely well structured and organized. Coaches are very professional, friendly, knowledgeable, supportive. They help and encourage every single athlete to reach their full potential. I leave Speakeasy feeling stronger and more confident in myself every day, and looking forward to the next WOD!

I'm incredibly happy with my progress and I achieved so many PR's in only 5 short months. Grateful to all the Coaches & friends I have made here. Super excited for what the future will bring!

Renata W.Member

If you had asked me 7 years ago, ‘What is CrossFit?’, I would have instantly said it was a cult. My husband joined a CrossFit gym and was instantly all in. He had to go every day and he would come home and talk about kettle bell swings and tire flipping with a huge smile on his face. I thought he drank some crazy cool aid and needed to get help.

From the outside, the workout seemed ridiculously intense and the fact that people were consciously choosing to complete them seemed to me to be very intimidating and mildly crazy. As a result of my own stigma’s about CrossFit, I stayed as far away as possible, and took every opportunistic jab at my Husband’s new found obsession.

Recently, in an effort to get healthy and do something together, my husband and I decided to join a gym and workout together. I left it up to him to choose what kind of gym and where. He chose CFSE. On that fateful day in May, I tied up my laces and tried to walk into CFSE with an open mind, but in the back of my head, I was still thinking that ‘these people’ must be crazy.

I will never forget how timid I was that first day – nor will I ever forget how difficult it was to walk the next 5 days after that first workout. Everyone was friendly, respectful, helpful, and encouraging. My fears and insecurities were instantly lifted. There was no trace of the cult-like fantasy I had envisioned; all I could see was the optimism everyone in the room exuded and it was inspirational.

CrossFit is by far one of the most difficult workouts a person can do – and believe me; I have had my fair share of workouts playing 3 sports through high school and college. Every day is different – it’s endurance, it’s weightlifting, it’s gymnastics, and it’s tough. There are always going to be struggles along the way but the people around you in class are always there to cheer you on. Every time a new person comes into class, I flash back to my first day and smile. I make sure to introduce myself and try to make them feel as welcome as I did on my first day. I must admit, I was wrong in my judgement of CrossFit and my husband. I now understand why my husband loved it so much – and it had nothing to do with cool aid. We love it because CFSE is family.


This Spring, I received shocking news from my doctor. I was told that I was obese, had become a type 2 diabetic, had the lung capacity of an 80 year old and had sleep apnea. I was 43. I am a father, a husband. I knew I needed to make significant changes. I was not looking to “get skinny”, I had tried that before. I had done “the shakes” and “the supplements” before, and gained all the weight back (and then some). This time I needed to get serious. I needed to improve my health – I didn’t want to take over 10 medications a day at the age of 43. Of all of the fitness clubs and gyms in this area, I made the decision to join Crossfit Speakeasy. So many people think a Crossfit workout is too hard or they have to already be in shape to start. They could not be more wrong…Crossfit is as much for beginners as it is for athletes. In just 90 days, I have dropped 41 pounds (!) by working out 4 to 5 days a week at Crossfit and modifying my diet. During each workout, the coaches provide constant motivation and encouragement while challenging my body and mind to reach my goals. Crossfit has become a part of my daily routine. Now that I have reached my goals, I look forward to the Speakeasy coaches helping me through the “maintenance” phase and continuing to push me to become a better athlete. I highly recommend the Crossfit Speakeasy program to individuals of all fitness levels, and especially to those looking to become healthy and make a significant change in their lifestyle.

Jason GMember

Speakeasy is the epitome of what crossfit represents, the combination of intensity, fun, and challenging. The coaches are glad to answer questions and willingly give out helpful tips to all the athletes. My first 2.5 years of crossfit, I was able to perform the majority of basic movements that 90% of the athletes could do. After switching gyms, joining Speakeasy, and going to open gym a few times, I received some personal one on one coaching that I never received before (some gyms make you pay for this). Muscle ups and bar muscle ups are now part of the workouts as opposed to scaling them. Speakeasy is happy you're there & they treat every member equally (some gyms sometimes forget their core values).

Gregory MMember

Time management, as well as a healthy lifestyle is important in your professional and personal life. Especially, when you reach a certain age level. You have to have a balance and fit exercise into your busy schedule. There are only 1440 minutes in a day. Thats what Crossfit Speakeasy provides. All the plaining is done for for you. It’s is modified to your age, ability level and to your specific goals. All you have to do is show up. Some may say Crossfit is expensive. Well, ask yourself a question, “What's your you health worth to you?” Especially when your at the masters level and your profession is a young mans game. You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing! Stay in the game. Join Crossfit Speakeasy.

John CMember

I became a member at Crossfit Speakeasy one year ago. In that time I have made gains I didn't think possible for a 40 year old. I am stronger, leaner, and in markedly better cardiovascular shape. The facility is great, with excellent equipment. The coaching is outstanding; extremely knowledgeable, and motivating. Not only do they push you hard, but they do so with your health in mind, keeping you free from injury. What ever your fitness level, if you are an experienced Crossfit athlete or a novice, Speakeasy will help you get to your goals, and surpass them. Speakeasy, Go Hard!

Mike RMember

After I finished up my Divison 1 Track and Field career, I tried to continue competitively competing but I came to a hard realization that it wasn’t going to work out. I found Crossfit Speakeasy Last year, tried it out for a week, and I was officially hooked. Between the Coaches being dedicated to your success, the training programs they create, and the awesome community at the gym, I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else. If you are looking to take it to the next level or you are new to the fitness world and want to get in shape, the coaches are willing and well qualified to help you on your journey! Thank you for everything you guys do at CFSE!

Phillip RMember

I love Crossfit Speakeasy (CFSE). With my 67th birthday fast approaching, I wanted to find a gym where I could build strength, get fit, and feel good. My daughter signed me up for a 2 week trial at CFSE, assured me that I wouldn’t hurt myself, would catch on to the Crossfit lingo, and would be welcomed by the coaches and community. So I took a deep breath, buried my insecurities and discovered a passion for fitness.

The Speakeasy coaches are tremendous. They challenge, encourage and stretch you in the humbling and affirming environment they have created. I’ll always remember the first few months when I was the only one who hadn’t completed the WOD Metcon and the whole place cheered until I finished. Nearly two years later, my CFSE friends’ cheers and “likes” are for goals I never thought I would achieve: my first ever strict pull up and rope climb (both actually took 68 years!). No one, coach or member, loses faith in your ability to reach the unachievable. Emmy and Rob create diverse workouts, never laugh at questions, tell you when you’re not doing enough and more importantly, tell you when you’re trying to do too much and how to modify.

CFSE has taken me out of my comfort zone. I have competed in competitions and challenges. As a result, I am stronger mentally and physically, more confident and healthier. I have met people I would never had a chance to meet and have a place where I love to go.

Linda CMember

I became a member at Crossfit Speakeasy in April 2016 after bouncing locally from gym to gym but never fully feeling comfortable. I just had my second child and like many women who've stepped away from taking care of themselves, I knew I needed to do something but wasn't sure where to begin. From the moment I started the coaching staff helped and pushed me through. The more I came the more amazing people I met. From the other coaches, to the members, this place is full of positivity and teamwork. I can honestly say I've never been in an environment like it. I challenge anyone to find a better place to call your home.

Valerie CMember

I am so happy I decided to join the Crossfit Speakeasy (CFSE) family and have been a member for almost 2 years. I joined Speakeasy because I was looking for more of a challenge than simply going to my local commercial gym. I wanted a workout that not only tested me physically, but also provided a friendly and competitive environment. Unfortunately, past injuries limited my ability to engage in the Olympic lifting typically associated with Crossfit, so I took a chance on Crossfit lite. This was the best decision I could have made for two reasons. First, as a runner, I enjoy Lite’s focus on cardio with lifting. The coaches are supportive and work with me to modify movements that meet my needs. But most importantly, childcare is offered during these classes. My favorite part of Speakeasy is the (free!) childcare. As a working mom, the only reason I am able to regularly attend classes is because of their childcare services. Fatima is simply THE BEST. I fully trust Fatima; she gives me peace of mind that my child is being well taken care of while I work out. My daughter looks forward to going “to exercise” and has a blast playing with her and the other children. Crossfit Speakeasy has surpassed my expectations both as a gym and as a community.

Lisa SMember