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8.23.22- Tues

By August 22, 2022WOD



  • Bent Over Row/ Banded Tricep press
    Alternating max effort sets of each movement starting with your bent over rows. Rest 2 minutes between sets, 3 sets each.
    **Bent over rows are with a prone grip on a barbell at a weight that allows for max effort sets in the range of 12-20 reps
    ** Banded tricep press downs are done with a band attached to the rig, with a resistance that allows for sets within the 15-25 rep range


  • 6RFT:
    15/10 cal ABSOLUTE SPRINT on rower
    3 HEAVY deadlifts (75-85% of 1RM)
    Rest :60 between rounds


  • 2 RFT:50 Cal Row

    50 Alt DB Snatch

    50′ OH Walking Lunge (L)

    50′ OH Walking Lunge (R)

  • Afterparty

    Accumulate :90 L Hang

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