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3.31.20- Tuesday

By March 30, 2020WOD

Today’s At Home Workout

    – Pull Ups
    – Push Ups
    – Sit Ups
    – Alternating DB Hang Snatches

    There is no rest between movements

*Only count your LOWEST round of each movement

If you do not have a pull up bar:
1. Barbell/DB/KB Bent Over Rows
2. Single Arm Rows (alternate arms every round)
3. If you have rings, Ring Rows
4. Get Creative

If you do not have a KB/DB for Snatches:
1. Sandbag over the Shoulder
2. Hang Power Cleans (light!)
3. Box Jumps

After Party

  • Accumulate a 5:00 Plank

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