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10.7.19- Monday

By October 6, 2019WOD

Today’s CrossFit Workout


  • 5×4 Paused Back Squat @62.5% *Focus on QUALITY
  • 4x5R/5L Single Leg RDL @2111 (33-40% of Squat Weight) between each set


  • AMRAP12
    • KB/DB 1-Arm Power Clean
      KB/DB 1-Arm Thruster
      KB/DB 1-Arm Overhead Lunge

Ascending Ladder: 2’s, 4’s 6’s etc…
Complete full round on right side then switch to left side.
RX: 50/35#, 24kg/16kg

Today’s SWEAT Workout

  • KB Conditioning:
    • 25 Minutes:
      5R/5L 1-Arm Swings
      5R/5L 1-Arm Push Press
      5R/5L 1-Arm FR Lunges
      5R/5L 1-Arm Rows
      :20 Hollow Hold
      :20 Arch Hold

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